Covid Street is a unique project, which brought together street photographers from around the world in the height of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. This book is a collection of images and captions that tells a global story, through hundreds of carefully curated moments, each of which offer insight, inspiration, and hope.

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itsmewalterc from Austin, Texas

The photographers, who have generously donated their time and work to this book, represent an exciting variety of perspectives and styles which lift you beyond the narrow perspectives of your media or the art establishment.

CovidStreet has been active on Instagram since March, but the goal has always been to produce a printed book from which proceeds can support Covid victims in the creative space. As of June/July 2020, it’s not too late to submit your photo; learn how below.

The book is presented as a beautiful hardcover. No expense will be spared on the printing or format, using quality printing and binding – not a digital-to-print internet service.

This special first edition will ship to you before the first anniversary of Covid-19, in December, and will include a commemorative jacket. We understand that is quite some time to wait, but by buying this special first edition now, you can ensure we — as street photographers — retain control of this special testament.

Not only that, but we’ll keep you up to date with the design and printing process regularly (but not too regularly!) and – if you choose – credit you in the book.


Without pre-selling, we would be forced to cede editorial control to an outside editor, and risk having our selection compromised by commercial interests. Buy buying now, while we’re still preparing the book, you increase our strength, giving us the option to print where free speech is valued. Never has that been more important.

While a project like this has been time-consuming and costly, profits from the sale of the book will be donated to charities tackling the repercussions of the pandemic.

Contributing photographers, among the most financially affected groups, will also receive a share of revenue.

Reported around the world…

Since we launched Covid Street in March, we’ve been widely covered by major publications in Belgium, the UK and the USA, and our hashtag has taken on a momentum of its own.

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