Covid Street: Photographers Unite

Share your work

If you’ve taken a photo you’d love to see on our feed and in a book, raising your profile, raising money for Covid charities, and potentially even a royalty for you (see below), then we’d love to hear from you.

All we ask is that:

  • You took the photo following all relevant regulations (i.e. lockdown)
  • You tell us something about the photo you’re submitting for the caption.
  • You provide us with the high res image for use ONLY in the book, to promote the book, and @CovidStreet Instagram Feed.

To be clear, we’re looking for a ‘non-exclusive’ worldwide license – we might sell the rights to the book as a whole to publishers in other territories so it can be translated into more languages, but we don’t want to stop you earning money with your photograph if you choose to.

Money for you

It is important to us that photographers, as creatives, can benefit from the sales of the Covid Street book as well as the charities we are supporting.

To that end, we have added a mechanism to this site which shares 10% of our earnings from any sale you refer to us so, as a photographer, you can not only contribute to the project, but also benefit from its growth.

That’s more than twice what Amazon pay their affiliates for books.

All you need to do is sign up to the Affiliate system, then use it to create links and share them on your site and on social media.

Any visitors you send our way will automatically be counted and, when we close out the First Edition, we’ll send you all the money to your nominated PayPal account.

Contributor’s FAQ

Can I only submit high-res if the image has been used for the @covidstret instagram feed?

Of course not. We have started preparing our presentation material (part of the long road to publication) using these images, but we’ll review any image.

In many cases you might have submitted an image already via our hashtag and it might still be in the queue for the Instagram feed, but we’ll review every image submitted via the form.

What is the submission deadline?

Why wait? Seriously, the sooner the better. The goal is to complete the first draft in July (this month as I type).

That means we’re working on it now, but we’ve not finished!

Is there any payment for the images?

From the word go, the goal has been to make money for covid charities – especially those supporting creatives suffering from the economic backlash – and we’re doing this work, and absorbing significant costs, as volunteers. We understand that photographers want to earn money, which is why we’ve created the Affiliate mechanism above, but we’re not able to make direct payments. It’s also worth knowing that contributors will be credited with name and Instagram handle in their image captions in the printed book, boosting discoverability. If you don’t feel able to contribute, we entirely understand.