Covid Street: Submissions

We’re so glad you decided to get involved. You can submit images directly via this page (don’t worry, we’re still humans underneath, but Adam’s been flexing his hands at web development!).

You need to read the short but slightly boring stuff at the bottom and tick the boxes before the ‘Submit’ button will appear, sorry.

The form is just below, but first a quick FAQ:

  • Do I need to submit the image(s) I sent for the Instagram feed? We would like it if you did (we can’t include them in the book without the high-res images), but you’re welcome to submit more?
  • Am I limited to 5 images? No, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to come back and do the form again (just how the system manages the server load).
  • Where do the images I upload go? We’re storing them offline where we’re assembling the book – they’re not immediately posted anywhere.
  • I can’t see a submit button? I won’t appear until you’ve agreed to our legal bits.


The ‘Submit’ button will appear just above here if you’ve filled in all the necessary fields.

After you press ‘submit’ it can take quite a long time and there is no progress bar.

There used to be a problem that sometimes people press submit and nothing seemed to happen; we’ve made some changes under the hood and hopefully that’ll be better now. Things should happen more promptly and you should get a more obvious ‘Thank You’ response from the system.