Angela Ambrosini
By @angelambro_pixs NYC

Covid Street Book: It’s Never too Late (or Where’s The Book?)

It’s marching into Spring 2022 and there is no printed Covid Street book. What’s happening? As you can imagine some of the most generous of our supporters – those who were first to splash their cash on books – are starting to ask that question and it’s very much time that we answered it. So here goes.

Well, as creators we’ve got some kicking, screaming answers for that. Literally, in fact, since two thirds of the team have brought new lives into the world while we’ve been working on the book.

But we all have lives, so we’re not going to make that excuse (just, you know, lean on it for sympathy a bit πŸ˜‰ ). What we think really matters here is the huge story arc that the Covid pandemic has offered to street photographers which we still have the opportunity to wrap up.

In other words, we’ve got a lot of a finished book, but it’s not on press so wouldn’t it be nice if the last chapter featured some images of hope, or – if it isn’t appropriate – the truth of your experience as we move into 2022?

Submitting for the last chapter

With that in mind, we’ve had a check and we think the submission page still works. Why not give it a try? Angela Ambrosini (@angelambro_pixs) did, and we’ll be including her work.

But, you know, a final deadline, right?

Well, yeah. We’ve stretched things out a bit, but we had higher aspirations than simply photographic when we started and we still do, so we need to close up shop, get on press, and bring in some cash for those who have become long term victims (in every sense) of Covid and we need to do that soon, which means that – as soon as the message has got around and circulated about extra photos for the last chapter, and we’ve laid it out, then it’s printing time.

Based on previous experience, that’s probably about 12 weeks from the date of this post, but only the first 6 of those we’ll be open for new images.

So get sharing. Please.

Angela Ambrosini
By @angelambro_pixs NYC