Covid Street: Photographers United

Telling a Global Story
from Individual Isolation

Documenting the unfolding global Covid crisis through the rich experience that is Street Photography.

How, when we can’t travel?

By working together. Individually we can respect the lockdown, remaining in a short radius of our homes. Together, we can pool our shots and tell the world’s story.


Street photography gives us a more personal perspective on the real lives of people we might only otherwise know as statistics. It makes it real. It brings people closer together at a time when, physically, they can’t be.

What good can it do?

The shockwaves of tens of thousands of individual tragedies being played out across the world are having an impact on us all. When that time comes, we will be ready with a not-for-profit book to raise money for those suffering after the initial shock.

Who we are

We are photographers.

Over thirty in the first month, over three hundred now, and more every day.

Our only rule is that we follow the rules. In other words, we comply with the local lockdown, but try to have a camera with us when we’re out.

We will share the money we raise from book sales between MSF (Medicine Sans Frontiers) global Covid relief fund, mental health charity Mind and national charities to support hard-hit photographers and creatives.

To join us, just get in touch…

Meet the Founders

Tanya Nagar

London-based street photographer and the author of The New Street Photographer’s Manifesto, and Life in 50mm, “Tanya-N” has been the inspiration for thousands of modern street photographers.

Tom Clabots

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Tom Clabots is a professional lifestyle photographer with clients including RedBull. He specialises in the urban/street look and the classic 50mm lens which keeps him close to his surroundings.

Adam Juniper

A writer and publisher of photography books with over two decades connecting photographers with enthusiasts, and a hand in millions of book sales around the world. Adam’s most recent book is Instagram Photography: 52 Assignments.

If you’d like to get to know us, we’ve recorded several podcasts

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Where it all started

Sure, we’ve been doing this for a few months now, and the feed is phenomenally popular, but we started from very humble beginnings. We set out into our respective streets to grab enough images to get the ball rolling, so here they are. Our origin story, if you like.