Covid Street Book: Layouts Being Reviewed

So, it’s been a really, really long time, we know that, but now the book has finally moved into another stage – one we’re hoping won’t last longer than a couple of weeks (ideally less than that) because every page is laid out.

There are definitely a few changes to be made, and as we’re looking through we’ve identified a couple of photos which we can’t actually find the rights agreements forms for. What we’re doing this week is double-checking that

We also have a few images where we only have the low resolution pictures from the #covidstreet Instagram feed and

In fact that’s how things can go wrong; on Instagram sharing is easy enough, but if we’re going to print and if there is a chance that printed product is sold for money – even though we’re going the earnings to Medicine Sans Frontier’s Covid-19 fund – we absolutely cannot risk doing something with another photographer’s copyright that they didn’t agree to.

That’s what the form was all about (but, of course, we do also have to admit that it took us a few days to think of that and a few more to get it working too)

Reviewing it all

Looking back at a whole book of amazing photos from over 100 photographers is fantastic, though ultimately looking for errors and problems with print resolution can put you into a miserable mindset – just ask Adam! Nevertheless, the best thing about looking back across everything is remembering moments that were starting to slip out of the mind. The worst bit is to find that, despite all the time we’ve had, we still haven’t asked some of our kind contributors for the high resolution images or formal agreements we need!

Cover it up!

Three of us, so three cover ideas? Well, something like that. Certainly we’ve not signed off on one yet, but we can tell you that Adam really wants to “do something clever.”