About Us

Our philosophy is that people spend rather too long talking about the gear, and not enough about the photography. It’s a trap we all fall into from time to time, but these days… well, we also usually have a pretty impressive camera in our pockets or bags.

That’s not to say we’re crazy; we know there are things a pro SLR can do which a phone camera cannot. But we also know there are unique things a phone can do.

Not The Gear, as a site and podcast, is about bringing out the potential in everyone, and every camera. We don’t and won’t tell you “no, you can’t do that without spending thousands on the latest camera/lens/tripod/self-help guide.” Sure, some of those might help in places but, on balance, good photography comes from within. And, we hope, with a little help from us.

Adam Juniper

With two decades experience publishing some of the biggest names in photography, including Michael Freeman, Dixie Dixon, Lara Jade and more, Adam is a technical expert in numerous areas of photography, technology and design. Or as he likes to put it, “an Adam of all trades, master of some.” He has written a number of books on photography, including Instagram: 52 Assigments (2020), and on his even geekier side-hobby: drones. He is a regular in Digital Camera magazine and on the BBC.

Tanya Nagar

Tanya Nagar is an award-winning photographer whose passion for street photography stems from a deep interest in human psychology and culture. With her distinctive urbanite eye, she has been photographing the streets of London, Mumbai and the world at large for many years, and her work has been published widely across the globe. She turned her love of the ‘standard’ 50mm lens into the inspirational book Life in 50mm.

Dan M Lee

Dan M Lee

An Englishman in New York, Dan is a professional photographer specialising in adventure photography. He has extensive experience in commercial, corporate and product photography, and isn’t above leaning out of the side of a helicopter to get the right shot. As well as running exciting location courses for photographers, he is the author of Creative Photography: The Professional Edge.