Page Layout of Covid Street in InDesign
The page design process our way - with the equivalent of Post-It notes in InDesign

Covid Street Design Underway

Time is running out if you want to contribute to the book – but you’ll be able to hold it soon!

As a book, Covid Street has felt like it’s been a long time coming. In truth publishing isn’t the swiftest of industries, and we have wanted to include as many of you brilliant creatives as we could, but a global crisis has a limited time – we hope – so we cannot afford to wait any longer and still do the good we need to as well.

Examples of work in progress in on CovidStreet InDesign
How the the first draft is looking as we work on it. Note that every image provides is credited with their name and Instagram link – where we’ve added the copy!! The images here by Karen Schlotke and Alex Flynn have also already appeared on our IG feed.

That’s not to say that you can’t still submit an image because we’re looking at everything as we go. Thanks to the flexibility of working straight into page layout software, we’re able to build the book in themes and even come back and slightly extend sections as we go.

We’d love to hear if you agree, but structurally we’re dividing the book into broad themes to remind readers (is readers the right word for a photo book?) of the key moments of the pandemic. They might not have been at exactly the same time in the many different countries we’re including, but so far as we can see that means:

  • The moment of panic & surprise
  • The lockdown
  • Living with new rules
  • Release / freedom (relaxed rules and ‘the new normal’)
  • BLM

Because printing and proofing will still take at least a month, we’re also planning on sending an eBook PDF of the first completed chapter to customers as soon as possible just so you can be sure we’re at work.

In addition, we’ll be offering the eBook for sale so you can see the book – or individual chapters – for a limited amount as soon as possible.

Watch the store area of the site for those products.