Camera Caper Card

Camera Caper on Kickstarter: Back it now

Dan M Lee, regular on the Not The Gear podcast, has been busy adding another feather to his bow, Camera Caper, The Photography Challenge Road Trip Game. The project, which we’ve discussed a little on the show before, is a plan to gamify the fun of a Road Trip – something which, admittedly might not be happening a great deal right now, but in a few months domestic travel will be unleashed like never before.

For photographers, the Camera Caper brings an element of creativity, not just in the photos you take on the way, but the route you take too. It’s all too easy to follow tried-and-tested routes from books or sites, but Dan’s game encourages players to make sure they’re on the look out for the right kind of subject and are generating new material they can be proud of?

Why Kickstarter? Creating, printing, cutting, packing and distributing a product like Camera Caper is far from cheap, and Dan is more than a little ambitious for it – with plans for electronic packs, an app, a book, a TV series and more – all of which need more than a little bit of a nudge to get going. He’s got the intellectual property though, so it’s just a matter or raising the capital and far better to offer the opportunity to the customers first than commercial interests.