Ep 13 – Rear Window

Italian photographer Jacopo observes strict lockdown

Guest Jacopo Rufo joins us from Italy as we explore the impact of Covid on photographers around the world.

Tom Clabots, co-founder of CovidStreet, returns to join co-hosts Adam and Tanya in what is the second of a series linked to the Covid Street project, which is also celebrating a major milestone.

In this episode, just some of the treats are:

  • Pigeons v Air Rifles v Lockdown
  • Musings on humanity will react to lockdown lifting
  • The advantages of renting gear


Born in 1990 in a small village in central Italy, Jacopo is a graduate of Cinema & Visual Arts of Rome University and has spent the last decade travelling the world shooting photography for numerous clients. His personal work “Concerns life in big cities, the aim of my work is to capture the ancestral and archetypical essence of existence nowadays eclipsed by the complexity of our society.”
He has been trapped in the strict Italian lockdown and contributed some of the most popular images on Covid Street through his window.

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