Pigeon in Grand Central during Covid outbreak by Forever Seen Melissa Robinson

Ep 14 – Forever Seen on the Streets

NY Fashion meets Covid

Melissa Robinson (@Foreverseen) joins the Covid Street team in our special series.

Melissa’s story is striking because she’s travelled so far, and done so much, only to find herself having to make yet another creative change because of the onset of Covid and the lockdown.

Undeterred she has masked up and set out to volunteer in Williamsburg, New York (just North of Brooklyn) and has even captured that shooting and volunteering experience on a body-camera.

She’s also managed to capture some great lockdown images of New York, including a Grand Central station in which the pigeons have taken over.

It seems nothing can stop her.

To see more of her fashion work, check Mel’s own site, Forever Seen.

Images by Mel “Forever Seen” Robinson

Mel’s Video Volunteer Body Cam

Actually the volunteering video seemed to be unavailable, but this is another shot during the Covid pandemic.