Ep 10 – Covid ideas for Photographers

Good uses of the Lockdown

This week Dan and Adam are getting used to the Lockdown, and coming up with some ways of using the time well.

After some inevitable banter – don’t worry, aggressively edited – we get down to offering some ideas for how you could use your downtime to become a better photographer with lower monthly outgoings.

Of course, you might reasonably say “I don’t have any down-time” – either you’ve just become a full-time parent-teacher, or you’ve still got a lot of work. But, for a lot of us, new work is lessening, at least for now, and we still get a few moments to get some stuff done. Between us, we’ve slashed our monthly bills without losing any services we’ll miss!

We also take a look at the Sony World Photography Awards. Given his views on competitions, it could be interesting! You can see the gallery we’re talking about here on DPReview.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I manage to get at least a mention of my latest book! Learn more here.