Photo of a man with a Covid mask which features a drawn-on smile design.
Man with a mask with a smile, by Tanya Nagar, Croydon.

Ep 11 – Covid Street Launch

@covidstreet: A Project of Hope

In this special episode of the Podcast, Tanya Nagar returns to launch a special project with me and first-time guest Tom Clabots, a photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium.

The three of us have spent some of our isolation establishing @covidstreet, a place where we can come together and document the developing crisis around the world, while staying within the rules, and with the ultimate goal of producing a book that we can sell to raise money to help in the aftermath.

If that sounds a big ask, well, you can read more about the plan or, of course, listen to the podcast.

Chapter List

100:00Greetings, and introducing Tom Clabots.
201:10The beginning of the Covid Street idea, and why we chose Instagram to get started
308:56A bit about our early experience
414:53We finally explain the entire plan.
537:12How you can not only follow but become a part of @covidstreet.
Outtakes41:22Just some examples of how bad things could have got if we’d recorded for longer!

Some of the images we talk about

Captured by Adam Juniper and added to the feed early, this shot is discussed in the podcast under the mixed-messages about respiratory diseases observations!
An Easter bunny taking precautions, caught by co-foudner/guest Tom Clabots.

Some examples on the feed…

As well as the three of us, capturing Covid from Croydon, Leyton & Antwerp, we have been joined by a number of other photographers, who’s work you’ll find when you start to explore the Instagram feed, and our Stories.

Specifically, we’ve been joined by @i_abdulmunaff⁠ in Hydrabad, India, @joeseth.carter in London Fields, @clickte_raho, Delhi, India, @rollerzoomph ⁠in Madrid, Spain, @admphotography17 ⁠in Rome, Italy, @delcourt.charles⁠ in Brussels, @ipons⁠ in Milan, Italy, and @itsmewalterc in the USA, to name just a few. Again explore the feed to see everyone and everywhere.

Plus, if you’ve seen something we haven’t, and want to join in, have a listen, see if you like us, and (I’m sure you will), go ahead and get in touch, or just share by tagging us on your posting and we’ll call you!