Ep 8 – Great Debates of Photography: Phones v Cameras?

In other words, is it the gear?

Back in the noughties, people were excited by the DSLR. Since then there’s been the much-heralded mirrorless. But now we know the real challenger is a tiny, portable image-processing machine with several built-in cameras and instant global publishing. Or a phone, as most people call them. Adam (and indeed notthegear.com in general) takes the view that this can be your only camera. Professional Dan is sitting very much in the opposing corner. This time, we start that set-to.

Before that though, there’s the matter of the news, and there are three fascinating items this week (each of which also merits a bit of back-and-forth):

  • Leica M10 Monochrom – Is a black and white Leica better than a colour one? Even though it’s more expensive than the cheaper colour M10?
  • Shooting Models is Too Easy? – Blogger-tographer MissyMwac thinks so (her post), and Dan, well, he has some other thoughts…
  • Should a Travel Photographer Live in a Caravan? Or a Winnebago? And what does it do for your youtube following if you do? (thanks for the tip @PixelVixenUK).

Creative Debate: The Big One

Yes, this is the one we’ve been spoiling for at Not The Gear (especially @juniperific). Is a Phone as good as a camera? Adam thinks so (in most circumstances). Guess what Dan thinks…

Practical Tips: Avoiding Burn Out

Dan is a professional photographer with a busy schedule. A lot of us are enthusiasts. What happens when you start to shoot too much? How do you keep creative when creativity is a professional necessity?

Links & Embeds

Christian Schaffer’s upgraded van in which to be a travel photographer is racking up the views, but is it practical?

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