Ep 9 – Vanity Fair, Street Lens and Photographer’s SEO

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Vanity Fair Exhibition

This will be on until the summer, so see if you can get tickets at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Dan’s Shooting & Event Suggestions

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Who knew that these pretty trees had their own festival? Well, these guys for sure: https://cherryblossomwatch.com

Geese in Middle Creek, PA

Interestingly the picture for Middle Creek, PA in Google Maps is geese, so it’s possible Dan is on to something!

Salem, NY

The Photography Show, Birmingham

March 14-17 at the NEC, Birmingham. You know, by the airport!

PowerEgg X – A Drone that Can Land on Water

Sometimes it seems gear really can pull off a trick or two (plus I’ve tested pretty aggressively for my YouTube channel…). If you like the water, it’s the only drone to get (but make sure you get the Wizard edition).